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I am an online entrepreneur, WhatsApp automation expert, online business coach, and mentor.

    about me

    I am very passionate about
    helping Existing online entrepreneurs.

    and enthusiasts achieve financial freedom by leveraging the power of the internet to build wealth legitimately online.

    I have coached over 1000 people in the past 8 months from various countries and sold numerous helpful digital courses in the “make money online” niche.

    I also created a WhatsApp automation course to help WhatsApp marketers go from spending all day struggling to reply to numerous messages and save contacts individually to automate their WhatsApp processes by using plug and play files to get 70% of their WhatsApp processes automated in less than 30 minutes.


    The Ultimate Whatsapp Marketing Hack Course Helps Your Business Grow By Saving Lots Of Time And Money.

    You’re going to learn everything about WhatsApp automation from how to:

    Save contacts automatically (in over three different ways so no single contact is left unsaved)

    Have conversations with prospects automatically

    Schedule sales call automatically (if necessary) And close sales without touching your phone.

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